Here in Alcossebre, we are fervent Christians, seeking the Heart of the Father, committed to the mission with this desire to share this treasure that He has placed in us. We have this heart for the salvation of souls in Jesus Christ and we wish to give to other nations (Spanish, French and other countries) the riches of His Love.

Our goal is to foster mission by raising missionary teams engaged in the work of God to raise up a generation of priests at the service of his presence in all nations.

A mission base

Missionary trips are organized each year in different countries and continents. We want to give everyone the opportunity to accompany us on the ground in order to be trained and sent in the mission that God has for them.

Humanitarian projects

We have several projects as part of the mission; create and assist in the development of orphanages, schools and dig wells. We also have people involved in the establishment of autonomous food, energy and water communities in Africa.


  Jean-Paul : trained at the Christ for the Nation Bible School in Dallas, Texas for 3 years and with the issuing ministry "ELLEL ministries" in France.

President, founder of the humanitarian association www: cyrus-internatienal.org which aims to build ministry schools for children. Their financial autonomy is ensured by the agricultural exploitation of land belonging to the association. Fifty children are currently sponsored, which allows them to be fed, clothed and educated.

In 1991, idle and looking for a goal in my life, a ball of fire from the sky fell on me in an alley and changed my life. I learned later that this much sought after power and love was the Holy Spirit. I then asked the Lord to send me to where no one wanted to go and do what no one wanted to do. It was then that the Lord mandated me in countries at war, or undergoing Christian persecution and in El Salvador, in the midst of gangs for several years. It was while traveling in 15 countries that I had the joy of seeing thousands of children and adults repent and come to Jesus through evangelism campaigns. Thus, I was able to serve the Lord, in turn, as an apostle, evangelist, prophet, teacher and pastor.

We also have a call for children and to train missionaries: Children. The objective is to raise a generation that knows God by living personal experiences with Jesus through ministerial schools that will be specially reserved for them. The church needs to realize that children are not the church of tomorrow but the church of today and that the Holy Spirit who is in them is the same as the one who lives in adults. In this way, they can and must live this dimension of power which confirms the Word of God by casting out demons, healing the sick, prophesying and sometimes visiting heaven.

Training missionaries: With a pioneering ministry for almost 20 years in the countries most closed to the gospel, it is imperative for us to relaunch the mission in Europe which has abandoned this task. The goal is to equip them spiritually to go on a mission by teaching them, among other things, on deliverance, inner healing and by communicating the spiritual gifts necessary to fulfill this mandate. This formation will end with a departure on a mission during which they will be able to put into practice through public evangelization campaigns all that they will have received from God. In summary, our vision is to bring Christians into their calling through the restoration of identity, deliverance, inner healing and mission.

We believe that,

Every born-again Christian is called to be a missionary. We do not need a special anointing but only to be willing and available to answer "yes" to His call and let express the gifts that God has deposited in each of us.

Our mission lasts throughout our lives on this earth. Every day of our lives, we are called to act according to the Will of God.

What drives us to act? It's love. Love for God and love for our neighbor.

In each country, the culture and the habits of life are different, in the same way, Heaven has its own culture. We reflect Christ, the One who has come down to earth, to show us the Father (John 14.9: He who saw me saw the Father). We want to share the Father's Love through the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ.

As children of God, we become his Ambassador (2 Corinthians 5.20: we therefore act as ambassadors for Christ ...).

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus says: "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit". We respond to his command, We are sent to other nations to serve others. The heart of a missionary must be filled with the humility of Christ.

Most of us here in this Tierra de Vida Christian community we have responded to this call from God for mission and are engaged in different countries of the world to see the kingdom of God spread all over the earth.

Therese Greff.